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What Will 2019 Hold for You?

December 21, 2018

It is unfathomable to think that 2018 is coming to an end and 2019 will be ringing in as the new year in just a few weeks. It seems like just yesterday that I was debating with a group of my students about whether Y2K would disable all of the computers on the planet and wondering what would happen then to schooling as we knew it. Needless to say, when 2000 rolled around, nothing happened, and it was back to school as we knew it.
With the onset of a new year, it offers the opportunity to reflect back on 2018 to celebrate success and to also see where we could have made better decisions. I think this is true for schools, businesses, and for individuals. This reflection can prompt us into action for the new year as we make pledges to ourselves about where to improve in the future. Setting goals sounds hokey, until you do it, follow through, and make improvements. It’s how we grow as human beings.
As a school district, we will push the envelope to be progressive and relevant to our students and the world they are entering. And we will care for people, all of the people, who make up the District 142 educational community. We are striving to be better, in a relentless fashion, so that the young people in our care are well-cared for. Long after the lesson has been taught, what children will remember about our school district is how they were treated. We love our students and want them to think back fondly of their time in our schools.
With that in mind, have a safe, happy, and healthy winter break. We will see you back in school on January 7, 2019.