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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Forest Ridge School District 142 to maximize the unlimited academic and behavioral potential of each student in a caring, but demanding, child-centered learning community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a model learning community that prepares students for a competitive global perspective by providing advanced opportunities in:

  • Reading, Math, Science, Social Sciences, the Arts, Technology, Foreign Language, Physical Development and Health
  • Social Emotional Development

Belief Statements

The Forest Ridge School District 142 Board of Education believes that:

  • All children have the potential to succeed, have the right to develop their full potential and are expected to learn both academic and behavioral skills
  • Student achievement should be our major focus and must be closely monitored
  • Students must be provided a safe and healthy learning environment
  • The school climate, though demanding of results, should be nurturing, fostering dignity, individuality and self-esteem
  • Enthusiasm stimulates learning, while expectations influence achievement and performance
  • Mutual respect and trust promote a positive school environment
  • All employees play important roles in the education of children and are deserving of respect and recognition for their efforts
  • Volunteers play an important role in enriching the opportunities for all students
  • Parental expectations and nurturing are vital to the full development of children
  • A strong partnership between the home, school and community is essential to enhance student learning
  • Educated and responsible citizens are essential to the health of our society
  • Excellence is worth the investment of human and financial resources
  • Schools must operate within the financial resources provided to them by the local taxpayers, the state and federal government