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What’s Your “Why?”

December 10, 2019
I was recently asked why I write these blogs. As I started my superintendency six years ago, I felt there was so much to say about the way that education for children should look. I also felt there was a lot to say about the urgency by which we should approach creating an amazing experience for students at school.
School and learning should be synonymous… but often children look at school and say things like “I’m not good at school,” “I don’t like school,” or “school’s not for me.” As a lifelong educator, these statements are crushing, we need to reinvent the school experience so every student feels that school is a place for them. The title of my blog is “Today Matters.” I don’t think we have a day to waste. I think our students need every single day we can offer them… to learn, to grow, and to become.
As I pull back for a larger perspective, there has to be something that drives people to do this kind of work. It’s got to invoke passion, concern, care, and a dedication to excellence. So, for me, children and their education is my “Why?” Why do we get up in the morning? Why do we approach our work with an undying positivity? Why do we work the long hours, research the best practices, and infuse lessons with creativity, technology, and relevant, interesting topics to discuss? It’s because children in District 142 are our “Why?”
As we approach the holiday season, I implore you to pause, reflect, and think about your own “Why?” What’s out there in this world, that does good for self and others, that contributes to who we are as a community of people that excites and motivates you? I argue, that people who can actively search out, and then live out, their “Why?” are people who experience life to the fullest. It may bring about additional challenges, but living out your “Why?” also can bring immeasurable satisfaction and joy.
During this season, I hope you discover your “Why?” as well.
Have a wonderful Winter Break!