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Technology is everywhere and requires daily care and maintenance. The Technology Department is tasked to maintain and keep functional -

  • Over 300 computers - desktops and laptops,
  • Over 1,700 iPads
  • Over 80 Apple TVs
  • Network switches, routers and wires
  • and a variety of software applications working in harmony with all staff among four schools and the District Office.
In a profession that is every changing and both challenging and exciting, technology support is a continual learning experience.

Technology is a tool utilized to provide students with progressive learning opportunities.

Technology plays a critical role in the learning process for our students.  
Beginning in the 2020-2021 School Year, District 142 will provide each student in Kindergarten through Grade 8 with an Apple iPad device. Students in Grades 3 through 8 will have the opportunity to take the device home with them each evening.
Ensuring that each child has access to the materials outside of the school day is an important part of the learning experience. District 142 teachers receive a variety of professional learning opportunities that helps our teachers effectively utilize technology to create powerful learning experiences both in and outside the classroom for our students.
Staff Members

Brian Skibinski
Chief Information Officer
708-687-3334 x2206
Amanda Graczyk
Technology Integration Specialist
Noelle Horbaczewski
Technology Integration Specialist
Julie Ryan
Technology Integration Specialist