Sign Up Today to Receive City of Oak Forest Notifications

The new Everbridge system replaces Reverse 911 as a means to notify citizens.  Critical situations like severe weather and criminal activity require information to be shared quickly and effectively with residents.  

It is important that we alert everyone in an emergency whether they choose to receive information via SMS Text, Facebook, smartphone or landline.

Everbridge helps the City of Oak Forest send messages out to the entire town or certain areas of the town where a particular emergency is taking place such as a water main break.  Creating an account is easy!  Plus, you will have access to make modifications to your account when needed, such as change of phone number, email, and physical address.  If you ever move and do not want any notifications from the City of Oak Forest, you have the ability to delete your account.

Go to the City of Oak Forest website at and look for the Everbridge logo to create an account or use this link:

You can even download the Everbridge app via Google Play on android devices or Apple App Store on iPhones or iPads.

Enter a cell phone number for voice and text, landline phone number for voice, email address for notifications, as well as home address.  Entering your home address helps the City of Oak Forest send messages to only certain areas of the town that a particular emergency is taking place.

The Everbridge system will keep residents informed with the right message, in the right language at the right time during critical events.

Please sign up today to help us better communicate with you.

If you need assistance or do not have computer, please call City Hall at 708-687-4050.