6 + 1 Writing Resources

Six Traits Resources

The Six Trait Model of Writing Instruction and Assessment breaks down the complex task of learning to write into a group of teachable and assessable skills. Easy-to-understand, practical, and adaptable vocabulary is utilized as students across all grade levels engage in the various models and genres of writing. This model provides a framework that values the writing process. In addition, the use of literature helps illustrate specific traits, provides stimulus for writing, and promotes the connection between reading and writing. All district teachers have been trained in this model as a professional learning community that supports writing across the curriculum and reinforces lifelong learning.

High-quality written works include the following characteristics:


The content of the piece, the main theme along with the details provide the purpose and topic of the message


The structure of the piece, with the meaning of the message presented in a logical pattern or sequence


The personal voice of the author comes through providing style, individuality and sincerity

Word Choice

Using colorful, rich words to communicate, painting a vivid picture and minimizing redundancy

Sentence Fluency

The writing flows with effective use of transitions and variety of length, type and structure of sentences


Correct spelling and grammar, easy to read

Powerpoints and Handouts from the presenter

Herb Budden's Wiki

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D142 Resources on 6+1 Traits Writing

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Lesson Plan Ideas

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWEL) Lesson Plans - This is the "official" 6 Traits site. This link is for the lesson plans organized by trait.

WritingFix: 6 Traits Writing Lessons and Prompts Inspired by Picture Books

Writing Fix Writing Resources - Scroll down to see each trait and click on the trait to find teaching strategies and lesson plans

Kim's Korner 6 Traits Writing Model - chart leads you to teaching each trait

Strategies for Teaching Each Trait

Scoring Essays

NWEL Scoring Practice - interactive scoring for sample essays

Samples of student writing - organized by trait, grade level and score. Use to these to assess.

Interactive Six Trait Writing Process - "The descriptors, rubrics and examples have been standard fare in many classrooms for years, but this site allows students to rate pieces of writing and make immediate comparisons with the ratings given by English teachers. "

A Method for Grading Essays in Any Course

Write Source Student Models

Downloadable and Editable Rubrics

General Resources

Madison School District 6 Traits Writing Training Resource

South Dakota School District Resource

Great Source iWrite - Click on the Educators Tab for mini-lessons, and assessments

OWL (Online Writing Lab)- Great resource for lower grades! This is a great site that was developed by teachers to help their students

An "unofficial" site for teachers using 6 traits This site is a couple of years old, but has some good ideas

Ginny Hoover's resources - consultant

The Writing Fix - This is a cool website, although it's hard to navigate. Worth a look because of the interactive activities.

Graphic Organizers

Tools for Reading, Writing, and Thinking

Houghton Miflfin Resources grade 3-5

Houghton Mifflin Resources grades 6-8

Education Place Graphic Organizers

More Graphic Organizers - from Enchanted Learning. Each building has an account so they can be printed without banners.