Emergency Closings

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools to take such action as she deems appropriate for the schools within her jurisdiction.  If there is a weather emergency and the schools of District 142 must be closed, the following stations will carry the announcement:  Radio:  AM-720 (WGN), 780 (WBBM); TV: 2(CBS), 5(NBC), 7(ABC), 9(WGN), 32(FOX), CLTV (cable).  Please tune to these stations for information.  Emergency closing information may also be accessed electronically at the emergencyclosings.com website.  (We will also attempt to post the closing on the district website.)  The district makes the decision as to whether or not the schools remain open, but the decision to send a child to school in severe weather is always the choice of the parent.  Parents who feel that conditions are unsafe for their child to attend school, even if a school is open, may keep their child home that day.