School Improvement Plan

JHMS School Improvement Goals

We have three main School Improvement Goals, which align to the District’s improvement goals and guide the work of our learning community.  These goals include:

  1. Increase academic achievement for each, individual student and provide appropriate support to every student within the learning process
  2. Create, provide, and support a caring learning community through P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) and S.E.L. (Social and Emotional Learning) standards
  3. Increase parent communication and provide an environment where parents are included in the learning process

Parents provide feedback about the learning experiences at Hille Middle School.  Parent and student feedback is critical to our success.

Based on feedback received at previous Open House evenings in past years, curriculum and program opportunities was the #1 concern of our parent community.  

To improve programs and opportunities, we:

  • Opened a Foreign Language Survey course for all 6th graders, and opened 7th and 8th grade foreign language (French and Spanish) opportunities to ALL students.
  • Provided a Reading Strategies course for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students which supports all students in the area of reading.
  • Added a Public Speaking Encore course for 6th grade students.
  • Added an Applied Technology lab with 30+ modules which include Forensics, Interior Design, Robotics, Aviation; all modules incorporate math, science, and English learning standards.
  • Added a Read to Succeed course to support reading comprehension and strategies for students.
  • Added a Reading Plus course, which is a scientifically-based intervention, to target skill deficits in the area of literacy.
  • Provided an opportunity for students to take both Band and Choir during the school day.

Based on feedback received at previous Open House evenings, communication was a concern of our parent community.

At Hille Middle School, we understand the importance of communication between home and school, and we strive to forge partnerships with our parent and school community. We continue to work with our School Leadership Team to address and improve communication.  Parents and students are represented at our School Leadership Team meetings.

To improve communication, we:

  • Began a principal's e-mail list to inform parents of important information at school.
  • Continue to communicate through SchoolReach, parent-email lists,, wiki pages, and/or PowerSchool.
  • Provide students and parents access to the Parent Portal in PowerSchool where parents can get immediate information about courses, grades, assignments, attendance, and daily bulletin information.
  • Survey parents on a regular basis.
  • Improved Parent-Teacher conference set-up.
  • Communicate student learning and progress on a regular basis.
  • Provide parent learning opportunities including Family Science Night and Family Reading Night.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities for parents to share in the learning experiences at the school.

Based on feedback at previous Open House evenings, bullying was a concern of our parent community.

In order to address these concerns, our school implemented several initiatives to address bullying at our school.

  • Character Committee/PBIS Committee comprised of students and staff
  • Mix It Up Day events
  • Gotcha slips to reward positive behavior
  • Advisory/Connections program implementation to include academic, social and emotional needs
  • Social and Emotional Learning goals are infused into the Advisory curriculum.
  • Participated in creating a draft of "Creating a Caring Community"

Forest Ridge Elementary School District 142

Creating a Caring Community

The Board of Education of Forest Ridge Elementary School District 142 met in the summer and early fall of the 2010-2011 school year to review its mission, vision, and goals.  Through multiple meetings, the mission was updated, a vision was developed and goals were written to ensure alignment and compliance with the mission and vision of the District.  As an outgrowth of this process, administration, staff and parents met to develop a “Creating a Caring Community” Committee with a focus on developing pro-social behavior.  In-depth discussions between participants occurred regarding respectful behavior and bullying.  The open and positive relationship between the adults within the school community was highlighted as paramount to the District’s focus on creating a community that encourages healthy social and emotional development.
An action plan was developed that specifically outlines the next steps in developing a culture that supports respectful behavior and enhanced relationships between the various members of the Forest Ridge School Community.  The Committee felt that researching and understanding bullying, conducting professional development, and establishing a community connection were critical to the process.  As such, the plan is organized under those headings.  The plan also identifies universal expectations (Tier 1) for all stakeholders and identifies (Tier 2 and Tier 3) interventions for students whose behaviors do not meet those expectations.

Researching and Understanding the Issue

To reach deeper levels of understanding, current legislation and policy relative to bullying must be studied.  Developing an anti-bullying culture through curricular connections will be an important area of growth for the district.  Policies and action plans of neighboring districts can assist in the refinement of our plan.  Students and parents will be surveyed regarding their school experience and student focus groups will meet regularly to inform administration and teachers regarding progress, strengths and areas of need.  Behavioral data will be collected, analyzed and added to the survey and focus group data to further develop the plan.

Professional Development

A series of educational opportunities will be developed in order to increase awareness, bolster involvement, and solidify the creation of a Caring Community.  Topics will range from bullying (including power imbalances), social networking, Internet safety and developing coping mechanisms.  The committee is interested in developing a network of adult neighborhood representatives to promote further supervision, information and guidance.  The most important aspect of professional development is to provide the action plan to all stakeholders and make it readily available to the community.  A copy of the action plan in its entirety is posted on the district website and we welcome your comments.

Establishing a Community Connection

This section of the action plan focuses on developing a parent network to increase communication and support the efforts of parents to ensure that all interactions between Forest Ridge School District community members are highly respectful and supportive.  A “Community Summit” will be held to increase awareness and encourage participation. Resources will be made available to facilitate the consolidation of efforts to support children in our schools.

Bully Hotline: 866-346-2570


Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe