Focus on Families


Ridge Early Childhood Center
5151 West 149th Street
Oak Forest, IL 60452
(708) 687-2601

ask for Cathy or Michelle

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The Focus on Families Early Childhood program is designed specifically for families with children ages birth to three.

We strive to work with parents to ensure that their children grow to their fullest potential.  Focus on Families uses the research based Parents as Teachers curriculum.   PATs is chalked full of helpful hints, great activities, and emerging research, helpful for parents.  Please come and join us!

What we offer?

Family Visits

Play Groups

Parent Meetings

Lending Library

Field Trips

Cafe Talk

Infant Massage

Family visits are an essential part of our program.  The intensive visits provide parents with valuable developmental insight into their child’s life.  This is a hands on time for parent and child.  The parent educator brings a developmentally appropriate activity for the parent to perform with their child, as well as hand-outs providing developmental insights for the parents.  This is a time for parents to voice any questions or concerns they may have regarding their child’s development.  Family visits offer a more intimate environment for learning and teaching as a child often feels safer and more at-ease in familiar and comfortable surroundings.  Family visits are bi-weekly and may take place in the home or at school.

Play groups are offered twice a month. This is an opportunity for children to interact with peers and families to create relationships. Each play group is centered around a theme. Play groups encompass literacy, language, both gross and fine motor development, and free play.

Parent meetings are held monthly in the Focus room.  We will explore various topics pertinent to your child’s development.  Child care will be provided during this time.   

Free and Open Enrollment to all district families!