About Lee R. Foster Elementary

Lee R. Foster School 



Lee R. Foster School was originally constructed in 1964 as Tower School.  Later the school name was changed to Lee R. Foster School to honor Mr. Foster, who was the Superintendent at the time of its completion.  This honor came to him upon his retirement in 1969.  Over the years additions and upgrades have been made, the last coming in 2004, with the addition of a multi-purpose room, office renovations and air conditioning being added to the entire school.

Since its first classes of students, Foster School has had a rich history of high quality teachers and programs designed to bring the best out of the children who walk through the schoolhouse doors. We continue to look for ways to improve the overall education of all of our students. Efforts made in writing and mapping curriculum, school improvement planning, utilizing technology in the classroom and organizing extracurricular programs are continuous. As our motto indicates, We "Foster Pride" in being the best we can be!