Title I

Title I Program

Title I is a federally funded program which allocates supplemental funds to schools to provide students with additional learning opportunities, resources, technology, and instructional support. the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015, reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), and provides funding for the Title I program, with the goal of ensuring high academic achievement for all students.

Elementary schools with over 40% of students receiving free or reduced lunch qualify for a Title I Schoolwide program. Title I Schoolwide programs support all children in the school and funds can be spent on programs and resources that benefit the entire school population. All District 142 schools qualify for a Title I Schoolwide program.  

In District 142, Title I funds are used to fund:

  • Additional staff (Reading and Math Specialists)
  • General curriculum and intervention materials
  • Additional computers and other technology for students to use in the classrooms
  • Professional development for teachers and administrators
  • Educational resources for homeless students 

Title I - Parents Right to Know

In accordance with ESEA Section 1111 (h) (6) Parents Right to Know, District 142 is notifying every parent in a Title I school that you have the right and may request information regarding the professional qualifications of your child's teacher. See below:

icon Parents Right to Know Letter - English

icon Parents Right to Know Letter - Spanish

Title I - Parent Involvement Policy

Forest Ridge School District 142 believes that parents are an important component of their child's educational success. Parents and schools share the responsibility for each child's academic achievement and Title I policy is developed to ensure effective involvement of parents in their child's education.

Parental Involvement Policy by School

Home-School Compact by School