Grades 6-8th Summer Reading Requirement



Incoming 6-8th grade students should turn in their Summer Reading Assignments and Parent Forms at Packet Pick-up.

Monday, August 15th from 2-6 p.m. at Hille M.S.



Contact Mrs. Brown,

Asst. Principal


May 2016


Dear Hille Middle School Parents/Guardians,

Summer is almost here!  We would like to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of maintaining solid reading habits over the summer.  Much of the research around summer reading suggests that students can lose more than two months of academic progress if they do not continue to read during summer months.  Such a loss is often referred to as the "summer slide."  For this reason, and with various other benefits in mind, we will once again require our students to complete a summer reading assignment.

In the past, summer reading has been done a number of ways.  Some years we have required students to read one specific book selected by teachers.  Other years, students have been allowed to select any book of their choice.  This year, we are offering a list of titles (Chart_of_summer_book_choices_2016.docx (136 KB)with varied genres and interests from which students are able to choose. 

Incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are required to read at least one title from the list of suggested books.  The books offered are from various genres, topics, and difficulty level. Because of this, we are confident that all of our students should be able to choose a “good-fit” book that interests them from the provided options.  We’ve included a few websites to enable you to gather more information about the books’ subject matter to help guide your child's book selection.

We are asking parents to complete the parent acknowledgment form (Summer_Assignment_&_Parent_Form.docx (100 KB) indicating that you’ve discussed your child’s book choice with him/her.  Near the summer’s end, students should craft a written response to their new Lit/LA teacher describing their reading experiences over the summer.  These responses will help teachers get to know their new students’ reading preferences and interests.  On August 15th, summer reading assignments and parental acknowledgment forms should be turned in during Packet Pick-up.  This assignment/form will count as a 10-point grade in Lit/LA.

Furthermore, upon return to school, each student will also take a 10-point comprehension quiz and participate in a group project or presentation with other students who read the same book for another 10-point grade.  In total, then, the summer reading assignment will be worth a combined value of 30 points towards students’ 1st Quarter Lit/LA grade.  Because summer reading counts as a grade, it will be beneficial for students to annotate as they read and then review the contents of their book before returning to school so as to not forget valuable details.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Happy reading!

Mrs. Amanda Brown
Assistant Principal
708.687.5550, Ext. 105