Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Forest Ridge School District 142 participates
in the School Breakfast Program and
the National School Lunch Program.  

Grab N Go bag breakfasts and several hot and cold lunch options are available daily.

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Enhancing the Learning Environment by Providing Student Well-Being Solutions is the comprehensive solution for District 142 school's nutrition website ( designed to keep students and parents updated on information about student well-being.

On this website, you will find breakfast and lunch menus, information on student well-being and nutrition, videos and how to contact your Sodexo team. 

Sodexo, the company enhancing a healthy learning environment in support of student well-being and achievement has launched this new tool, known as SodexoMyWay.

SodexoMyWay offers a platform for the community to stay informed and will enhance the learning environment with robust content that updates monthly. 

School Breakfast Menus


School Lunch Menus