Board of Education Strategic Plan

2015 - 2020 Blueprint Strategic Plan

Ensuring the financial, academic, and community-based strength of a school district begins with a comprehensive plan. The Blueprint - District 142's next strategic plan - will be built on the idea that creating a solid infrastructure, lends itself to long-term success.

A volunteer group over over 50 stakeholders ~ parents, teacher, administrators, Board of Education Members, and community/business members ~ has been meeting during the fall of 2015. We've been analyzing current and past strategic goals, brainstorming a wealth of innovative ideas, and considering best educational practices in five key areas of concentration:

n  Community Relations
n  Curriculum & Instruction
Budget & Finance
n  Operations &  Maintenance
n  Professional Development/Human Resources

Click here for description of Five Key Areas of Concentration

Attached, is a list of the above sub-committees and the volunteers giving their time and talent to develop solid goals and action plans. Click here.

Blueprint Strategic Plan 2015-2020 (Updated June, 2017)