What's New at Foster

What's New At Foster?


Roaring News 2017 Winter Edition 

Here is the latest off the press from the Foster Newspaper Club!  The paper is in pdf format, just click the link!

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Lion Leaders at Foster

Lee R. Foster School established the Lion Leader program in October of 2015. This program was created to honor Foster students who demonstrate exemplary character through their compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, optimism, and loyalty in creating a positive school environment. Each month, teachers nominate two students from every grade level to receive the award. These students are then celebrated by having their pictures displayed in the main hallway of the school. Additionally, our principal, Mr. Beringer, signs a certificate for each Lion Leader. We are very proud of our Lion Leaders and know that they will continue positively impacting our school as well as the overall community.  

LION LEADERS 2016-2017

 January/February- Michaela H., Brooklyn S., Luis M., Hailey J., Erick K., Sierra N., Harper O., Chloe M., Hannah W., Andy S., Julia M., Chloe P., Felicity N., Robert J., Will E., Hannah D., Alan P., Veronica G., Emma F., Aaron M..




There are 2 recent additions to the playground area at Foster.  Students have the opportunity to utilize Buddy Benches during recess.  The Buddy Benches are used to help children find others to play with during recess and to make new friends.  It's a good way for students who are lonely at recess to connect with others and create new relationships.  A bench is on the east side and the west side of the playground, close to, or on the blacktop.