Monthly Top Pride Paw Students


Pride Paw Winners


Each month, the students in each class who earn the most Pride Paws are celebrated in various ways.  Check back each month for the next group of top-notch Pride Paw recipients.

April Winners:  Kelsey M., Suzy J., Decklin M., Gavin R., Grace C., Sophia S., Isabella V., Angelina N., Cooper G., Cody A., Jackson D., Diego S., David S., Emma E., Jamayiah L., Alanie P., Aiden C., Myles M., Megan S., Janna M., Laci V., Makayla G., Dominic F., Ally B., James M., Alexandra C., Kendall W., Madison P., Jayden G., Skylar F., and Layth Z.

Top Notch Behavior!